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Develop Resilience - Improve Results - Reduce Risk

Welcome to Koru International
Developing Resilience and Workplace Wellbeing

We deliver programmes to organisations that develop resilience and workplace wellbeing in leaders and managers ensuring the success of business performance and change management initiatives.

There is growing research demonstrating that an important factor for business performance improvement is leaders who are proficient at being personally resilient, particularly to the increasing work pressures associated with the much proffered directive of  “do more with less”. They also need awareness in identifying and supporting issues of engagement and workplace wellbeing in their teams who will also be experiencing these pressures.

How we help – we share knowledge and develop skills

One thing you will soon learn about Koru International is that we are passionate about supporting leaders and managers in achieving performance improvements by sharing the knowledge and skills of how to be resilient in the face of increased work demands.

Koru’s 3Rs of Success – “Develop Resilience, Improve Results, Reduce Risk” is based on best practice and importantly the latest scientific research behind why we behave and act the way we do.

We have shown that no matter how sceptical at the outset leaders and managers may be about such training, 100% of the delegates attending our programmes provided feedback confirmation that they would personally recommend the course to others.
We train groups and work one-to-one, ensuring everyone, no matter where they start from, is empowered to maximise their personal resilience and wellbeing and therefore their ability to perform.