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Need – To support the mental wellbeing and performance of the workforce.

The NHS has been going through a period of significant organisational change. We know that organisational turbulence and change can adversely impact on an employees health and wellbeing. NHS staff surveys and sickness absence data demonstrates a significant number of employees reporting that stress is not only a factor in their sickness absence, but also that absenteeism in general has an adverse effect on patient care since it diminishes the number and continuity of regular staff available.

Staying Healthy at Work is an NHS programme designed to improve the physical, mental and social wellbeing of employees across the East of England. They recognised there was a need to train managers in how to identify early signs of mental health issues in work colleagues, and in the use of best practice to offer support. Furthermore, managers too needed to be able to support themselves in a climate of considerable change and increasing work demands.

Koru International was asked to design an NHS business specific 1-day course that addressed this need.


Koru commissioned videos from experts and individuals qualified by their own experience, designed tutorials on workplace mental health knowledge and personal resilience, and created experiential learning sections within the course.

The Outcome

Feedback from delegates included – “Probably the best structured, most useful course I have been on in the 10 years of working in the NHS. – thank you”

Over 800 NHS employees from a diverse range of roles (e.g. Operations, Information Technology, Doctors, Consultants, Ward Sisters, Occupational Health, Human Resources, Workforce Development, Administration, Community Services etc.) attended the programme throughout the region.

Evaluation feedback

100% of delegates stated they had increased knowledge in …

  • recognising early signs of mental distress (depression, anxiety etc.)
  • understanding the challenges colleagues experiencing such distress may face at work
  • best practice in offering support

100% of delegates stated they had increased knowledge of …

  • how stress affects an individual’s physiological and psychological wellbeing
  • depth of their own personal knowledge about being resilient
  • techniques to stay resilient under pressure

100% of delegates would recommend the course to colleagues 

Keeping the momentum going

Delegates were also offered follow up review days delivered by Koru with the aim to enable networking in shared experience and further advancement in their own CPD. Related subjects covered on these days included ‘Improving Self- Esteem’, ‘Nutrition’ and ‘Mindfulness’.