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Neuro Linguistic Programming Training

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) explores the relationships between how we think (neuro), how we communicate (linguistic) and our patterns of behaviour and emotion (programmes). By studying and learning from these relationships, individuals can effectively transform the way they traditionally think and act, adopting new, far more successful models of excellence. In effect, NLP is a powerful change management tool that transforms the way people think and act to have the greatest impact both professionally and personally.

How we help

At Koru our training provides in-depth learning of the internationally accepted syllabus of NLP. The training is delivered by experienced and qualified NLP Trainers in modules; each module tackles a different aspect of human behaviour. At the end of the training, participants will have extensive knowledge about how to understand, motivate, develop and empower both themselves and others.

‘NLP for Business’ can help leaders to understand how people organise their thinking, language, behaviour and feelings. Central to the success of NLP is its ability to develop and improve individual and group communication skills. Enhancing communication helps leaders to become more flexible in their working style, giving greater choice in the way they manage, coach, motivate and inspire.

Depending on the extent and content of the training, each participant will also receive:

  • Full Certification (Introduction to NLP for Business, NLP for Business Practitioner, Master NLP Practitioner)
  • Complete syllabus of NLP theory & techniques
  • Practical applications for use in real life
  • Comprehensive manual
  • Full training in Time Lines and conflict integration
  • Special tools for increasing Emotional Intelligence
  • Membership with ”The Professional Guild of NLP”