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Psychological Resilience

How you are thinking determines how you feel and how you will react to life’s pressures, but there is a challenge.

We all have automatic thinking patterns that are genetically pre-programmed to think negatively for survival. We also have acquired learned thinking habits based on our personal belief system, and this can be detrimental to being psychologically resilient. It’s both nature and nurture not necessarily acting in our best interests. All too often individuals are feeling “tired and wired” and just being told to “think positively” doesn’t resolve the issue.

How we help – we share knowledge and develop skills

Our courses help delegates identify automatic thought processes and negative emotions. We share knowledge and skills to support delegates in improving their ability to be more psychologically resilient, demonstrating how to change unhelpful cognitive habits and thereby the ability to think and see things differently.

We also share knowledge concerning working memory, the ability to hold information in your mind for a few seconds while you think about it. This ability is adversely affected by worry and distraction, and influences how we perform daily tasks, or even play a sport like golf! Through the use of mindfulness training on the course delegates, backed by science, learn how to “switch off” any unhelpful thinking in order that working memory acts for and not against them.

Using key elements and learning from disciplines including Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Positive Psychology and Emotional Intelligence, the course offers a diverse range of practical tools for delegates to take away and benefit from immediately.

After completing the training, delegates will have the knowledge and skills to improve their psychological resilience.