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Our Values 

Knowledge and Skills – Always Learning and Sharing
We are keen to learn from research and pass that learning on to our clients. As a consequence, we are also actively engaged in our own research together with strategic partners and university departments. We have a particular interest regarding evidence that links wellbeing with performance.

Optimism and Awareness – Always Positive and Mindful

We believe that running your life “on automatic”, and dwelling on the negative, is a waste – you don’t perform at your best plus you miss enjoying and experiencing the living part! Research shows the considerable benefits to health and wellbeing by adopting a positive and mindful attitude. We all have lifestyle choices; being positive and mindful is ours.

Raise the Bar – Always Challenging

We recognise that everyone has their own capacity for psychological and physiological fitness in order to perform – and as such may have different needs. We are therefore sensitive to the diversity of our audience and support their individual development, but we are also here to challenge our clients to ‘raise the bar’ on their own performance.

Understand Mental Wellness – Always Promoting

We believe there is no place for mental health stigma and discrimination in our society. Clearly a key issue is the lack of knowledge and empathy concerning mental health conditions and the recognition of the early signs of distress. As such, we are proactive in training our clients with knowledge and best practice in relation to physiological and psychological wellbeing, how it relates to resilience and ultimately the performance of their people. We believe the two are inherently linked.